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Green champions

Karen EnbridgeMeet four of the oil industry’s leading champions working toward a lower carbon future

Despite the rhetoric of environmental groups from coast to coast, Canada’s energy industry is every bit as concerned about its carbon footprint as its opponents are, and it has been working and investing in renewable energy for years.

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No coal? No problem

Sherritt Coal John T RyanNatural gas producers and renewable power developers could win big under Alberta’s new climate plan

Amid all of the gloom over low oil and gas prices, under the pressure of new and potentially crippling climate change policies and without consistent access to export markets, western Canadian oil and gas producers are turning their attention to one flickering bright spot—and no, it’s not a train barrelling down on them through a tunnel.

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Seen it all

GregStringham 113Over a 30-year career in the patch, CAPP’s Greg Stringham has experienced more than his share of volatility

Given the boom/bust nature of the oilpatch, during tough times old-timers trot out the joke about how to make a small fortune in oil and gas. The punch line? You have to start with a big fortune.

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TransCanada Q4/15 financial highlights

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Precision Drilling Q4/15 financial highlights

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Cenovus Energy Q4/15 financial highlights


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What you need to consider when selling to oil and gas in a challenging market

Customer first.

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