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There could be a new oil play to watch in a Saskatchewan "wildcat driller's paradise"

Vancouver-based Saturn Minerals has made what it calls a true historical milestone oil discovery in northeastern Saskatchewan.

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Celebrated environmental activist Tzeporah Berman: Getting oil to tidewater could be in everyone’s best interest

Getting Canadian oil to tidewater for export could actually work in favour of moving toward a low-carbon economy.

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How an oil & gas service and supply CMO could save your business

What is a chief marketing officer (CMO)? Google and Apple have them. So do GE, Magna, CN Rail, IBM, SAP, and Honeywell. This fairly common role in consumer and industrial companies around the world is conspicuously missing in oil and gas service and supply. Why should that matter?

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Why MEG’s Access Pipeline sale might not provide high returns

MEG Energy and Devon Canada are both looking to shed their 50 percent interests in the Access Pipeline. But is the sale of this asset going to help or hurt?

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The unsustainable oil price

The definition of “unsustainable,” according to the Oxford Dictionary, is a situation which cannot be maintained at its current rate or level. Unsustainable is also the best way to characterize the oil price when it is near US$30/bbl—a situation that is not tenable on many dimensions.

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Oil and gas industry has the tools to transition to low-carbon future

What a difference two years can make. As we enter 2016, the landscape facing the oil and gas sector is unrecognizable from that of a mere two years ago.

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Here's why oil & gas suppliers are hopeful after their meeting with Trudeau

A meeting on Feb. 4 with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has left the head of the Petroleum Services Association of Canada (PSAC) “cautiously optimistic” that the federal government ultimately will be prepared to support new pipeline projects.

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