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YWE to recognize young women energy leaders

Young Women in Energy launches inaugural awards program to recognize young female energy leaders

Young Women in Energy (YWE) is pleased to announce the launch of its inaugural Young Women in Energy Awards Program. The first of its kind in North America, this awards program will recognize and reward five to ten young women who are going above and beyond to change the face of energy. Supported by a selection committee that includes: Belinda de Wolde, Communications, Media and Brand Manager at Imperial Oil; Karen Radford, Vice President, People and Partners at Enbridge Inc.; Arlene Strom, Vice President, Sustainability and Communications at Suncor Energy Inc., John Koch, Chief Operating Officer at Alvopetro,; Andrea Jalbert, Vice President, Community and Sustainability at TransCanada; and Peter Keohane, Partner at Blakes LLP.


JuneWarren-Nickle’s expands energy intelligence footprint

Read more...(CALGARY, AB, LONDON, UK ) – The JuneWarren-Nickle's Energy Group (JWN) – a division of Glacier Media – is joining forces with Evaluate Energy, owners of the popular Canoils database, to expand the range of energy information intelligence and tools it offers its growing client base. The partnership will help raise the profile of Canada's oil and gas sector internationally.


Disowning contamination

Read more...Reclamation efforts after the frac are now top of mind for executives who don't want to end up owning contamination

"I find it hard to believe that it's often a problem," retired geologist Philip Coleman says. "Well fracturing was old news back in 1977. We did thousands of fractures, and this was in Medicine Hat, Alta., country, so they were all related to shallow gas. We fracked wells. They were only 400–600 metres in depth, but below freshwater aquifers. To my knowledge, we never, ever created a problem."

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Five-year plan

Read more...The Alberta regulator takes aim at a growing backlog of inactive wells. Again.

For the second time in a decade, the Alberta oil and gas regulator is getting serious about the growing population of inactive wells. In 2004, the province rolled out Directive 013, redefining how industry managed its 45,000 or so suspended wells. It expected to take two years to achieve compliance on wayward licensees and ensure all inactive wells were suspended safely and didn't pose environmental risks.

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Grand challenge

Read more...Alberta's Grand Challenge seeks to turn wasteful carbon emissions into a valuable resource

The saying that one person's waste is another's treasure goes back a long way. Alberta's quasi-independent Climate Change and Emissions Management Corporation (CCEMC)—established by the government but funded by imposing a $15-per-tonne charge on the 105 largest emitters for their CO2 emissions—turned it into science. They did so by asking for ways to commercially use CO2 as a resource, then funding a global competition to look for answers.


Secret formula

Read more...New proppant transport technology offers production gains, lower costs

In June, when one of North America's largest unconventional oil and gas producers released results at a technical conference showing that a new technology had led to production increases of up to 25 per cent from wells it fracked in the Mississippian Lime Formation, producers took notice.

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Forging partnerships

Read more...Alberta Enterprise Group to host a delegation of Atlantic Canadian metal working firms

Alberta Enterprise Group (AEG) will be forging partnerships with Atlantic Canadian business leaders in Calgary and Edmonton from September 9-11th.


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