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Triple play

CPHFlogo 872C brA trio of industry stalwarts are poised for induction into the Canadian Petroleum Hall of Fame

A triple play in baseball is a rare occurrence—fewer than 700 have been recorded in the last 139 years of Major League Baseball play—but that has nothing on the rarity of a triple play induction into the Canadian Petroleum Hall of Fame: 2015 marks the first time in 19 years that only three have been named to join the 146 honoured members already enshrined there.

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Tread lightly

ShovelShift ResizedOilsands projects are critical to Canada’s economy, but operators need to significantly reduce their footprint

Even an economist with an environmental organization that spends much of its time criticizing Canada’s oilsands sector acknowledges that it is a large part of the country’s economy and shutting it down would be committing economic suicide.

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Pause button

TransMountain ConceptSlowed oilsands development will still require more pipelines

“Dirty oil” activism over the years held Canadian export pipeline projects hostage in the battle to contain oilsands growth, but $100 oil was the trump card that allowed industry to mostly stay on track in its growth plans. Bitumen-by-rail mushroomed and alternate pipe routes and expansions stepped up to move ever-increasing crude oil volumes to refining markets. In fact, business was so good just a year ago that overheated oilsands construction costs prompted some producers to shelve capital-intensive investments in new projects or expansions.

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On fire

OLWK 150901 coverAs global temperatures climb, the impact of wildfires on oilsands operations will climb as well

As fire roared through the boreal forest toward Cenovus Energy’s Foster Creek oilsands operation last May, the company took the precaution of evacuating 1,800 employees from the site, a move that might become more commonplace as the impact of wildfires in Canada’s boreal regions—home to most of Alberta’s bitumen production—continues to grow.

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Cash Is king

cash20is20kingStock options are out, higher salaries and bonuses are in as oil and gas compensation edges higher

Compensation programs for senior executives in the oil and gas sector followed trends seen across the broader Canadian business community in 2014, with stock options falling out of favour, whole share plans gaining stature and cash bonuses generally higher.

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The path taken

Three top executives discuss the defining moments that shaped their careers

The advice taken or not taken, the opportunity seized or turned down, the tough decision made or not made in favour of going with the flow—in each journey there are defining moments that shape who we become and how our professional contribution to society turns out.

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Royalty soup

OLWK 150801 cover illustration webConcocting a new resource revenue recipe won’t be easy for Alberta’s rookie premier

Oil and gas producers in Alberta at least have an “industry-friendly” face heading up Rachel Notley’s royalty review panel, even if they don’t yet know the panel’s terms of reference, its specific timeline or even who might be called on to sit on the panel.

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