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Let's make a deal

Read more...As Japan struggles to meet post-nuclear power demand, all Asian LNG buyers want lower prices

What do Asian liquefied natural gas (LNG) buyers want? The short answer is lower-priced LNG imports. Easy to say. Not so easy to get.


Squeezed out?

Read more...As western producers set sail for Asian LNG markets, Canadians work to make sure there will be room at the dock

Canadians like to think of themselves as the small exporting nation that could, plying our natural resources to a world of benevolent and willing customers. Sort of like Theodore Tugboat in the Big Harbour, a place where problems do arise but everyone rolls up their sleeves to resolve them.


Turning point

Read more...The next 12 months could reveal the long-range future of Canada's offshore industry

Are Statoil ASA, Husky Energy Inc. and Shell Canada Limited generating international excitement about Atlantic Canada's petroleum basins or is it the other way around?


The big chill

Read more...New foreign investment rules were supposed to provide clarity, but in fact are just pushing investment away from Canada

China is an oil-producing superpower. Last year the country's state-owned oil companies spent $35 billion buying foreign assets. One result: the country's state-owned enterprises (SOEs) now produce almost as much oil outside the country as such OPEC kingpins as Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates. These overseas acquisitions are being operated as commercial investments, in the sense that oil from far-flung businesses is mostly being used to supply traditional markets. Add those volumes to China's position as the world's fifth-largest producer from domestic fields and the end result is a network of SOEs that is global in scope.


Cool factor

What Joanna Desjardins wants young people to know about her industryRead more...

The oil and gas industry gets mixed reviews among the younger generation of upcoming workers. A 2013 survey by recruitment and consulting firm Hays Oil and Gas found that despite the high salaries in the energy industry, many young people bypass the sector in favour of more attractive technology-related companies.


2013 Ernest C. Manning Innovation Award Winners

CALGARY (Mon. Sept. 30/13) – Winners of 2013 Ernest C. Manning Innovation Awards were announced today by Ernest C. Manning Awards Foundation President Jennifer Diakiw. (www.manningawards.ca)

The 2013 winners, from British Columbia, Ontario and Nova Scotia, share $145,000 in prizes. The 2013 Young Canadian Award winners from Ontario and Quebec share $16,000 in prizes.

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Delving into the Duvernay

Juniors to majors are seeking a sip at the Holy Grail

It's easy to get caught up in the excitement of a hot new play. Big land sales. Escalating values as producers jump the train before it leaves town. A swell of activity. And, if test well results are promising, market coverage and buzz. Lots of buzz—and today most of it is about west-central Alberta's Duvernay formation.


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