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Speed bumps

Read more...In an effort to create improved caribou habitat, Cenovus-COSIA project is altering 'wolf highways'

Caribou are a symbol of Canada's northern forests, but their populations are under threat for a number of reasons. Other kinds of ungulate—white-tailed deer, for example—are migrating into their habitat. This attracts wolves that, by increasing in population and range, have become a greater threat to these iconic mammals.

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Reclaiming the land

Read more...Major oilsands players are making strides in dealing with troublesome bitumen tailings

To a large degree because of its agricultural roots, Alberta's concern about the soil goes far back.

The province's first effort to conserve its soil dates back to 1928 with The Noxious Weed Act. In 1935 came The Control of Soil Drifting Act in response to Depression-era drought, which damaged agriculture throughout North America's Great Interior Basin. That act mandated that the occupier of the land was responsible for preventing soil drifting. It was adequate for the time, when the province was poor and there was little industry.

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The life and death of a SAGD well

Read more...Even in a young industry, wells get old and need a helping hand

By the time a steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) well reaches the blowdown stage, its life is effectively over. But shed no tears, it's been a good life, and there may be a few more years of production left.

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Heating up

Read more...Cold Lake has established itself as a growth centre for oilsands employment and economic benefits

The oilsands sector has been under siege from environmentalists, some liberal-leaning politicians, aboriginals and others, but there are few who debate the economic benefits flowing to Alberta and Canada from the industry.


Making the micro-gen connection

Read more...Alberta offers homeowners a smoother path to self-generation using solar, wind

In 2009, the Alberta government introduced a policy aimed at encouraging the adoption of renewable energy by homeowners and commercial establishments. In keeping with the province's approach to most things, the policy was market-driven and free of subsidies.


The politics of resource development

Read more...Industry needs to develop a deeper understanding of and commitment to First Nations to move projects forward

It's a tough job trying to predict what will happen next in the murky political environment swirling around the oil and gas industry. International figures regularly emerge from the sidelines to thwack the industry with left-field comments. Wealthy activists fund sophisticated political advocacy campaigns to block market access while oil gets carted to port by rail, leaving prairie grain to lie dormant in massive silos. Quebec's moratorium on fracking continues. And despite best efforts at building progressive relationships with First Nations, divisions with government and industry remain.

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Glass cliff


With few barriers to the corner office, female executives face new challenges and choices

Women pursuing careers in male-dominated industries face a diversity of challenges to advancement. Senior leadership made up mostly of men can set a male-biased tone that trickles down the ranks and influences the choices in who gets hired and who gets promoted. Old-boy networks flourish on golf courses where buddy-buddy conversations carry over to the clubhouse, the urinals, and somehow turn into promotions or appointments to company boards of directors.

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