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Cold shoulder

Despite strength earlier this year, Canada's producers now feeling little love from investors

Read more...As the warm evenings of summer wax into the cooler nights of autumn, many of us do what comes natural—we close the window. Sometimes we can hold off a bit if we get a particularly nice Indian summer, but for the most part, by the time Halloween rolls around, we've got the window open just a crack for fresh air.

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Relationships 101

Two CEOs find dramatically different—but equally successful—paths to robust CSR programs

Read more...Despite growing public scrutiny, the business case behind corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives isn't obvious to everyone in the oilpatch. Historically, the world of CSR—with its intricate regulatory obligations and social license expectations—has belonged to producers. But as producers look to their supply chains to support and strengthen their CSR efforts, more service companies are finding their own opportunities to create economic and social value in the communities in which they operate.

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Connecting with communities

Calgary's oil and gas producers are actively supporting grassroots learning and wellness initiatives

Read more...Perhaps community investment can be likened to a bridge—the architectural marvel that spans water, linking two places, and serving as a connector, creating and building community and promoting growth, partnership and exchange on both sides.

And often the connections evolve organically, a symbiosis of sorts, their grass-root genesis bubbling to the surface creating excitement and solutions on all levels.

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Big year

Read more...Encana pulls off its shift to liquids, spreads its wings, and prepares to live in an oilier world

Since the struggling gas producer announced its strategy to bump up liquids production, Encana Corporation has shot out of the blocks like Usain Bolt on steroids. Over the course of the year, it sold off a bunch of natural gas assets, bought into two of the hottest liquids plays in North America, achieved commercial production from the Duvernay, focused its capital spending on just seven key liquids-rich plays (down from 28 capitalized plays) and emerged with a strong balance sheet and ahead of schedule to its target of generating three-quarters of its cash flow from oil and natural gas liquids by 2017.

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Service and supply sector urged to embrace Aboriginal partnerships

Read more...Joint ventures with First Nations are becoming increasingly important for service and supply companies looking to attract the attention of project owners, according to an Aboriginal affairs expert working at an Edmonton-based crane and heavy haul company.


Canada excels at public-private collaboration, but regulatory system still lags internationally

Read more...Canada's energy industry needs more than technological innovation if it wants to stay competitive globally—it needs regulatory innovation as well.


Small band, big ambitions

Read more...A conversation with West Moberly First Nations

Industry would be wise to get its social licence from First Nations long before spending money on permits, it should develop long-term relationships with bands that show respect for them as people rather than as a regulatory requirement, and it needs to be willing to listen, collaborate, and accommodate to avoid conflict.

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